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MobSec Business

MobSec Business is designed to provide you a compelling solution for challenges surrounding data loss prevention, device management, employee productivity and monitoring. MobSec seamlessly integrates your workforce with mobile devices, with utmost defense against data leak.

A Secure Mobile Device Management Solution


A Secure Solution to Meet Your Business Objectives

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Visibility on Employee Activities

Create a controlled environment over exiting employees and transparency over their activities.

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Mobility with Maximum Security

Effectively manage the productivity of remote workforce with an asssured data protection on their devices.

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Employee Forensics

Utilize employee statistics while reviewing employee performance, productivity, cost or reprimand.

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Corporate Devices Management

MobSec MDM platform enables security team to immediately remove information form lost devices regardless of the location.

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Disciplined Workflows

Define which applications are allowed and which aren't with remote monitoring to ensure data is not jeopardized with unauthorized applications.

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Better Compliance

Empower your security teams to remotely manage passwords with MobSec MDM